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“Jose is the guy we were all waiting for. What a talent... everything is just perfect. All of our product designs now have a real professional "look and feel" with no "if" or "buts". Jose takes each design project to the next level and cuts delivery time to a fraction of what we had before. If you need an art director who will not just make your business look good but also a guy with high integrity and professionalism, Jose is the art director you were looking for. I highly recommended Jose.”
David Freund Exent Technologies
“Jose was in a very demanding role as the Art Director for Exent. His work required delivering on requests in 3 different time zones and on numerous different concepts simultaneously. Anyone else would have been hard pressed just to coordinate and provide directions to his designers in the midst of constantly changing requriements and short timelines but not Jose. Jose not only stayed on top of his responsibilities but delivered early. He was reliable and could be depended upon to provide you with the designs and art work that met the functionality and expectations of the end users. And coupled with his technical understanding and easy-going manner, I look forward to working with Jose in the future.”
Erin Kim Exent Technologies
“Jose is a multi-disciplined designer, developer, and UI specialist. His greatest strength is something very difficult for most creative professionals to achieve...a healthy balance on the scale between perfectionism and shipping campaigns on time. He understands production schedules, and prioritization and can lead a creative team to successful execution. His experience goes beyond the walls of the art department, having a full understanding of the conversion funnel and how to translate successful acquisition techniques into design.”
Christina Kuzma Burnett Exent Technologies
“I highly recommend Jose. He has an extremely strong understanding of UI and design for consumer websites. You can describe to him a general concept of what you are looking for and he flexes his creative muscles to come up with multiple great alternatives that are better than what you would have thought of yourself. Equally important, he is VERY easy to work with. He provides quick turnaround on initial designs and iterations, and is highly professional in every way.”
Dan Abelon Speeddate
“Jose did an awesome job in the development of a new UI for the Agiliance IT GRC product. The feedback we received from all of our customers and partners was very positive on the visual and usability improvements. This is clearly an area where he has great expertise and experience.”
Craig Hamman Agiliance
“I worked on Jose's team at Gaia Interactive and I must say that it was a great experience. Jose is a fantastic designer in both the interactive and visual space. Aside from being a fount of knowledge, he was a great manager. He enabled me to do some of my strongest work and he brought a sense of order to an otherwise complex site. I highly recommend Jose to any team that is considering him as he will surely be a great asset.”
Bruno Medeiros Gaia Interactive
“Jose is an extremely talented UI professional who brought architectural and visual organization to the complexity of the website. He managed as well as contributed to the establishment of design standards that trickled down to every feature built after he joined, many of which are still foundational to this very day. He also made a concerted effort to create and maintain an enjoyable UI department environment for me and my coworkers. Jose would make an amazing addition to any organization both as a professional and a person.”
Rosann Yip Gaia Interactive
“It is with great enthusiasm I write a recommendation for Jose Benavides. Jose is a very talented Marketing/Creative/Executive level professional. Jose can market anything because of his ability to know what the consumer is looking for and to target into that creative area that only someone as skilled and focused as Jose could manage. People follow Jose. He is a natural leader and a leader that people want to impress due to the great respect staff and associates have of Jose. Jose is not about tradition or the way things have “always been done”. Jose is thinking strategically and knows the market and the internet space so well that he can make changes in your creative process that will bring in revenue and traffic. I would recommend any company looking to get more traffic in their space grab Jose and let him make it happen.”
Natalie Cedeno FriendFinder Networks
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